Railway Transportation, Combined Transportation, Project Transportation

RTS is organizing transportations by rail, from Turkey to Europe, to the Middle East, to Russia and to the Central Asia.


  • Germany, France, İtaly, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Rumania, Latvia, Lithvania, Estonia, Chez Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Kazakhistan, Uzbekhistan, Kırghizistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, İran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, White Russia.

European Transports

1) Wagon Transportations: Turkish and foreign cars loaded at any station of Turkey or in terminal of Çerkezkoy, can be trasmitted to a desired Station in European Countries mentioned below. These transports are more economic than road transports according to the price per ton which can be loaded up to 50 tons a wagon.

2) Container Transportations: For customers who don’t want to be transferred on the station, is possible to install at the door using 40’ and 45’ containers. The containers loaded with goods in the main terminal of Çerkezkoy, superimposed again onto tır using platform wagons, can be delivered to the buyer until the door in the transfer centers of Europe. Regular services are arranged every day, from Turkey to Europe.

Russia and Central Asia Transports

We make railway transports from Turkey to Russia, to Baltic and to the Central Asia countries using railway wagons and sea+railroad containers. For these transports we offer to the customer various offers and different alternative routes depending on the diversity of the load, the total tonage, the departure and arrival points.

Our operating railway lines
  • Çerkezkoy(Tekirdağ)-Transport via Varna using direct Russian wagons: The goods that we bring with Russian special wagons to the Terminal of Çerkezkoy are carried to Kırghızistan, Tajikhistan via the line Çerkezkoy-Kapıkule-Varna-Kavkaz-Russia-Kazakhistan after loaded on the Terminal of Çerkezkoy. Avarage transport time is 25 days.
  • Transporting with direct Russian wagons via Van-Kavkaz-Russia-Turkmenistan-Uzbekhistan-Kazakhistan: With the special Russian wagons that we bring to the Station of Van, we organize direct transports without using ferries ,loading on Van, via the route İran-Turkmenisthan-Uzbekhistan-Kazakhistan. Avarage time is 25 days.
  • The line of Turkey-Batum and Poti container+wagon: The containers loaded in the desired adresses in the Ports of Mersin-Antalya-Ambarlı-İzmir, are transported by route of Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan-Uzbekhistan-Kazakhistan, to the relevant countries, using x20 container per wagon. Avarage transport time is 35 days.
  • Turkey-Rostov container and wagon line: The containers loaded in Ports of Mersin-Antalya-Ambarlı-İzmir and in the desired adresses, are transported using x20 container per wagon by the route Russia, Kazakhistan, Uzbekhistan to the relevant countries. Avarage transport time is 30 days.

Project Transportation

Our company organize transports from address to address, using all kinds of means of transport, regarding the type, the size and the delivery place of the load.
We ensure the transporting of the project, planning the fastest, economic and safest ways.